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Sheets of plain paper are inserted between the book covers and between every few pages to absorb the moisture from the book. The paper needs to be changed when it becomes wet.

Books are scattered on the floor and shelving is twisted on the fourth floor of the library at the University of Redlands.

Flames tower into the night sky during an "accidental" fire at the historic library. 50,000 volumes were destroyed (over 12,000 were considered irreplacable) and 62,000 volumes were damaged.

This manual provides answers to the following questions related to library disaster preparedness: Who do I call? (emergency contact information) What do I do now? (steps during disaster) How do I salvage materials? (detailed instructions post…

One of six Alabama libraries damaged by tornadoes in April 2011, the Pratt City Branch has damaged walls, roof, and equipment and may have to be demolished.

An on-line template that creates a customized disaster plan for institutions. Created by the Northeast Document Conservation Center and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

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Stacks lean precariously in the University of Washington Engineering Library following the 2001 earthquake.

Books scattered on the floor between two stacks in the aftermath of the 2001 earthquake in Seattle, WA.

Books scattered on the floor between to stacks in the aftermath of the 2001 earthquake in Seattle, WA.

Doris Hildreth Cooper cleans up at the Elba (Alabama) Public Library after severe flooding; books are tumbled to the floor.
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