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Johnson County Historical Society books damaged by age and storage problems; the righthand book was treated with a vacuum packer to flatten it.

Sheets of plain paper are inserted between the book covers and between every few pages to absorb the moisture from the book. The paper needs to be changed when it becomes wet.

This website provides publications (pdfs) and links to resources for responding to disasters and caring for historic objects, including books.

Website created by the library company Lyrasis that provides links to resources by type of damage and by type of material, recovery services and supplies, help obtaining disaster aid from FEMA, and a comprehensive list of organizations and agencies…

One of a series of printable leaflets produced by the Northeast Document Conservation Center; it includes initial response, drying techniques, and additional resources.

The Conservation Department is composed of the Conservation Laboratory and the Digital Imaging Laboratory, whose joint responsibility is to maintain and make available research materials in the Frick Art Reference Library. The Library consists of the…

The University of Iowa Libraries blog provides information on preservation and conservation issues pertinent to library including the following categories: digital preservation, book and paper conservation, flood recovery, materials, equipment and…
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