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Flames tower into the night sky during an "accidental" fire at the historic library. 50,000 volumes were destroyed (over 12,000 were considered irreplacable) and 62,000 volumes were damaged.

A blackened, jumbled scene is viewed through the doors of the library; the roof has fallen in and the building is open to the sky. There are scarcely any recognizable items.

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Book titled Making ADHD a Gift open to its title page revealing extensive damage by a black, speckly mold that seems to radiate from the binding.

Johnson County Historical Society books damaged by age and storage problems; the righthand book was treated with a vacuum packer to flatten it.

Sheets of plain paper are inserted between the book covers and between every few pages to absorb the moisture from the book. The paper needs to be changed when it becomes wet.

Devastation after the Greensburg Tornado shows books from the public library exposed and surrounded by rubble.

Doris Hildreth Cooper cleans up at the Elba (Alabama) Public Library after severe flooding; books are tumbled to the floor.

This workbook focuses on the disaster-related needs of librarians, archivists, and records managers in documentary collections--that is, in collections of printed documents, magnetic media, electronic records, and so on--of the United States Navy.…

This site provides links to ALA preparedness disaster resources dPlan, salvage at a glance chart, disaster plan for small public libraries, IT disaster recovery, National Park Service preservation information, Smithsonian Institution, National…

This disaster workbook provides template information on: emergency procedures, disaster procedures, disaster response plan, recovery procedures, floor plans and priorities, other emergencies, and supplies.
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