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Book titled Making ADHD a Gift open to its title page revealing extensive damage by a black, speckly mold that seems to radiate from the binding.

Devastation after the Greensburg Tornado shows books from the public library exposed and surrounded by rubble.

This workbook focuses on the disaster-related needs of librarians, archivists, and records managers in documentary collections--that is, in collections of printed documents, magnetic media, electronic records, and so on--of the United States Navy.…

This site provides links with information on assessment tools, disaster preparedness planning and templates, vendors, services, and suppliers.

A complete disaster plan template created by the Portland, OR Library System, links to preservation and recovery resources are also provided.

This website provides publications (pdfs) and links to resources for responding to disasters and caring for historic objects, including books.

Website created by the library company Lyrasis that provides links to resources by type of damage and by type of material, recovery services and supplies, help obtaining disaster aid from FEMA, and a comprehensive list of organizations and agencies…

An on-line template that creates a customized disaster plan for institutions. Created by the Northeast Document Conservation Center and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

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This California Preservation Program Website is designed as a template for libraries to use to create a local disaster plan and emergency preparedness plan, providing links to services and resources. A series of word documents can be downloaded to…

A workshop sponsored by the Rural Library Initiative to teach administrators and staff how to complete a disaster plan, train staff to prepare for and deal with a disaster, and to deal with different salvage stategies. The workshop is archived with…
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