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This manual provides answers to the following questions related to library disaster preparedness: Who do I call? (emergency contact information) What do I do now? (steps during disaster) How do I salvage materials? (detailed instructions post…

Flames tower into the night sky during an "accidental" fire at the historic library. 50,000 volumes were destroyed (over 12,000 were considered irreplacable) and 62,000 volumes were damaged.

Doris Hildreth Cooper cleans up at the Elba (Alabama) Public Library after severe flooding; books are tumbled to the floor.

One of six Alabama libraries damaged by tornadoes in April 2011, the Pratt City Branch has damaged walls, roof, and equipment and may have to be demolished.

This workbook focuses on the disaster-related needs of librarians, archivists, and records managers in documentary collections--that is, in collections of printed documents, magnetic media, electronic records, and so on--of the United States Navy.…

Website created by the library company Lyrasis that provides links to resources by type of damage and by type of material, recovery services and supplies, help obtaining disaster aid from FEMA, and a comprehensive list of organizations and agencies…

New Orleans, LA, 3-16-06 -- Spring Break College volunteers gather debris and place into wheelbarrows to help clean up this former Library room at the Martin Luther King Jr Elementary School for Science and Technology.

This website provides publications (pdfs) and links to resources for responding to disasters and caring for historic objects, including books.

Devastation after the Greensburg Tornado shows books from the public library exposed and surrounded by rubble.

Use of the large, on-site freezer eliminates the need to outsource this part of the salvage process in the Art Library at the University of Iowa after fire sprinklers went off in the library in February 2009.
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